Banang Care Centre is located in Taman Banang, Batu Pahat, Johor. It is a bungalow house transformed into an elderly care centre with a total area of ​​approximately 6,900 square feet. The centre is situated in a resident area with convenient location. We maintain high standards of hygiene when cleaning in areas such as bathrooms, toilets and all open areas to make sure our care home residents are staying in a clean and comfortable environment.

本中心最初由一对好朋友于2010年10月协力创办,旨在为需要专人看护的老妪提供一个良好的生活环境。 过后,其中一名创业伙伴基于个人家庭因素而退出管理层,我们很快地也迎来了一位新伙伴加入,后者曾在临终关怀与末期癌症收留中心出任义工多年。