Banang Care Centre is located in Taman Banang, Batu Pahat, Johor. It is a bungalow house transformed into an elderly care centre with a total area of ​​approximately 6,900 square feet. The centre is situated in a resident area with convenient location. We maintain high standards of hygiene when cleaning in areas such as bathrooms, toilets and all open areas to make sure our care home residents are staying in a clean and comfortable environment.

The centre was founded in October 2010 by two good friends, aiming to provide a good living environment for elderly women who need special care. Later, one of the partners withdrew from the management due to personal family factors. Soon after a new partner joined the team, who had worked as a volunteer in the hospice and end of life care.

Banang Care Center is created with elderly females in mind. Especially for women living alone who have limited mobility or need special care. Our caregivers have many years of nursing experience, providing high quality and compassionate care. We welcome you to our centre for long-term stays or day care services. 

Currently, we have more than 20 women of different ages and backgrounds living in our centre.